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The die is cast – these startups will join EVolution

8 days to go – Essity Ventures’ co-creation challenge EVolution is coming closer and seven startups have been selected to participate. From November 9-11, they will work with Essity experts and our partners on their business ideas. As the final highlight, all startups will pitch their concept to the jury, getting the chance to win 15,000 Euro and to validate their concept in a real-life pilot.

The event takes place at a co-working space in downtown Munich. Out of 73 young companies that applied for EVolution, these are the finalists that have been invited for the five different challenge areas:

Egal Pads (Boston, USA): According to Egal Pads, 8 in 10 girls and women have used toilet paper or unhygienic alternatives as they didn’t have access to period products in public washrooms. With Pads on a roll, the startup provides a solution that can be dispensed in every stall, making vending machines redundant and saving a substantial amount of packaging material.

Sonny (Los Angeles, USA): This startup offers an innovative alternative to toilet paper: Sonny’s portable bidet (they call it a micro-shower) provides an environmentally friendly, hygienic bathroom experience. It needs no installation and substantially reduces the amount of toilet paper required.

Preventing Incontinence YoniCore (Berlin, Germany): “Bladder control with one press of a button,” promises YoniCore, a medical solution for pelvic floor dysfunctions. The biocompatible silicone device inflates to fit each woman and her unique pelvic floor structure, offering immediate relief of the symptoms. A corresponding app supports the training of the pelvic muscles.

Planet Mutu (London, UK): On a mission to “empower millions more women around the world to restore dignity, function and confidence in and about their bodies,” Planet Mutu has developed a digital exercise program. The web app supports for at-home, patient-led preventative care and treatment of incontinence and prolapse symptoms. It is certified by the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK.

Glucovibes (San Sebastián, Spain): Glucovibes offers a digital guide to understand how the individual metabolic system works. They call their service a “metabolic GPS”, working through an app and biosensors which tell the user how different foods affect his/her glucose levels. By tracking these glucose levels, especially women would better comprehend their energy balance and the influence of hormones. In addition, the app provides customized nutrition plans including recipes.

Love+Body+/Uncle Philip (London, UK): Supporting young people to grow into adults who are confident and resilient about their bodies, relationships and feelings – that’s the idea behind Love+Body+. The sex-education app has been designed for teens and their families, offering a non-judgmental and fun tool to access accurate information. Adults and children can use the app independently or communicate in-app, in real life or a hybrid – whatever works.

Roura (Seattle, USA): Period cramps can be a nightmare. To reduce the pain for affected women, Roura has invented the Relief Brief. This smart underwear soothes period cramps through heat and micro-massage. The user places a thin, flexible heat and massage module into the panties’ front or back pocket and starts the device with the Bluetooth-connected smartphone app.

Curious who will win the challenge? Stay tuned for the post event reporting here and on Essity's LinkedIn channel.

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