Becoming a Woman

How can we give girls trusted and safe guidance to better understand the changes they go through when becoming a woman?


The Challenge

As young girls move into womanhood, they have many questions surrounding their changing bodies, getting their first period, exploring their sexuality and more.

Girls need trusted sources of information to help them navigate these important moments in their lives. They may have their mother or gynecologist at their side. But as more and more information moves online and given the sensitivity of these subjects, many girls look to the Internet for answers, where content can be confusing, misleading, wholly untrue or difficult to navigate.​


Did you know?

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75% of teen girls

feel their periods hold them back from something, notably being active or participating in sports

Self-consciousness peaks and self-confidence drops at 15 years old -  young women at this age are particularly vulnerable to social embarrassment and mental health effects 


The Opportunity

How can we give girls trusted and safe guidance - to better understand the changes they go through and support their needs as women?


Some food for thought: 

  • Imagine a world where young girls feel confident, informed and excited to enter womanhood. What can we do to let this come true?​

  • What can we do to spark dialogue around becoming a woman? Both between girls and their peers, and in public spheres, to raise awareness for this important life-stage transition.​

Potential directions: 


  • Educational platforms, apps, gamification​

  • Peer2peer networks​

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