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Who We Seek

Startups and entrepreneurs who share our mission to break barriers to health, hygiene and well-being

Breaking Barriers, Together

We're looking for startups and entrepreneurs with a joint vision to build solutions that aspire to break barriers to hygiene, health and well-being in one or more of these focus areas > 

Check out the Essity Ventures Mission and Gameboard paper > to learn more about how we partner. 


Partner Spotlight

Essity  X  Fizimed 

Fizimed, the startup behind the pelvic floor kegel trainer Emy, and Essity's incontinence care brand TENA unite on a mission to bring relief to women suffering from bladder weakness. Learn more about the joint initiative. 


Call for Collab

Would you like to investigate collaboration opportunities with us? Check out the Essity Ventures Mission and Gameboard > to learn more about how we partner.

If you think there is a potential match, reach out now! 

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