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Breaking barriers
to successful startup X corporate collaborations

The Event

The purpose of the Essity Ventures Start Up Days is to break barriers to successful startup-corporate collaborations. Being different by nature, but often united in their mission, startups and corporates may unleash synergies when working together, and pursuing and achieving similar goals. Making 1+1 =3!

At the Essity Ventures Start Up Days, we brought together 17 startups, various ecosystem partners and Essity representatives at our Essity office in Aschheim/Munich. During the two-day event, participants exchanged experience and perspectives on how to bring startup-corporate collaborations to success.

Event Spotlight

Highlights and key discussions at the Essity Start Up Days


Insight Share-out Sessions: Inspired
by the Experts

Senior Essity representatives shared expertise and insights from their functional domains - such as marketing, brand building, legal, regulatory, eCRM, media and more - valuable knowledge the startups can reapply when building and scaling their own businesses.

The Startups

Who joined us and what they had to say about the experience 


Sara Pardoe
CEO, iView Health

It was such a fantastic experience! The team are brilliant and generous. I am still digesting everything we heard!


Kim Palmer
Founder, Clementine

This has been my absolute favorite event to attend EVER. The value in terms of learning, insights connection, inspiration, business development, and not to mention just being surrounded by people who get it so you feel seen was immense.


Lucy Self
Founder, Save my Knickers

Such a brilliant couple of days. So much energy and inspiration all in one room!

Collab Case

Libresse X Clementine

Libresse has partnered with Clementine to combat period insomnia and provide a solution to improve sleep quality during the menstrual cycle. 

is the leader in destigmatizing all V-Zone experiences through their feminine hygiene products.

Clementine transforms negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterns into more helpful ones through on-demand, cognitive hypnotherapy by therapists.



Collab Case

Issviva X Joylux

Issviva has partnered with Joylux to bring their Vaginal Rejuvenation Device and other menopause-related products to international markets, expanding beyond Joylux’s US market.

Issviva aims to create modern menopause experience, enabling every woman to take control and be ready for this new life phase.

Joylux offers a platform of life-changing solutions with high-tech devices, digital tools and products that address intimate health concerns from motherhood to menopause.


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