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The Washroom
of the Future

What will the ideal, sustainable washroom of the future look like?


The Challenge

The washroom is a central, frequently used part of everyone's daily life. A significant amount of our planet’s finite resources is consumed here. We waste billions of gallons of precious, clean water in the washroom, use up huge amounts of paper products, and wash countless kilos of harmful chemicals down the drain.


These are some of the many reasons why there must be a more sustainable - meaning efficient and effective - way to clean hands and bums in the future. Let’s find solutions together!​


Did you know?

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90% of carbon emissions 

during handwashing is due to the heating of warm water

Source: Life Cycle Analysis by Essity


The Opportunity

What will the ideal, sustainable washroom - at home or in public facilities - look like in the future? 

Some food for thought: 

  • Do we clean our hands with little to no water? How can we think beyond blow dryers (which are known to spread germs), paper and cloth towels?​

  • How might we move from paper-made toilet paper to more environmentally-friendly, service-oriented solutions for in-home, personal toilet hygiene? Imagine there is no paper-made toilet paper in the future - what new solutions would emerge that serve toilet hygiene for people at home and in public washrooms? Let‘s rethink how people clean their bums!​

Potential directions: 


  • Behaviour-change​

  • Tech-enabled, connected hygiene ​

  • Alternatives to paper tissue​

  • Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly​ solutions

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