Quest for Sleep

How can we help to improve the quantity and quality of sleep for women?


The Challenge

Even though there is a growing awareness of the importance of sleep for optimal physiological and mental health, people are increasingly sleeping fewer hours and less well. The prevalence of sleep disorders is growing and affects safety, performance, relationships, mental health and cognitive ability. Sleep is increasingly becoming a “luxury”, rather than a necessity.


For women in particular, the quality and quantity of sleep may vary strongly by the specific life- and period-cycles they are in. ​


Did you know?

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Only 15% of women

get 8+ hours of sleep a night


The Opportunity

How can we help improve the quantity and quality of sleep for women overall, with a focus on their period cycles and specific life-stages such as menopause, pregnancy and motherhood​? 

Some food for thought:


  • Will we find the ultimate sleep experience from IoT wearables or contactless sensors that work as neurostimulators, or provide bio-feedback and brainwave entertainment?​

  • Does mental training and education bring a change to how we manage sleep?​

Potential directions: 


  • IoT + Tech-enabled sleep tracking + training​

  • Mental trainings​

  • Personalized nutrition/vitamins and supplements​

  • Sleepwear/apparel​

  • Skincare/cosmetics​

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