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Podcast: The Future is Femtech!

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

For centuries, women have been excluded from medical and science knowledge production. Under-researched and under-diagnosed, women's health has often been considered a niche area — even if it involves approximately 50% of the global population.

However, tides are changing with the rise of Femtech, which refers to new innovative solutions that use technology to improve women’s health. Find out more, listen to the new Essentials Talks podcast 'the Rise of Femtech' featuring:

  • Gabrielle Jackson, Author Pain and Prejudice, News Editor Australian Guardian

  • Lina Behrens, Managing Director Flying Health

  • Mimi Billing, Senior reporter at

  • Chantelle Bell, Co-founder of Syrona Women

  • Leo Martinez, CEO Colorimetrix

  • Daniela Kehrer, Strategy Director, Essity

  • Céline Jahn, Innovation Director Feminine Care, Essity

Listen to Essential Talks podcast 'the Rise of Femtech'

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