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Essity and Fizimed Start Partnership for Women's Health

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Global hygiene and health company Essity, announces its first partnership with a start-up business in the UK, in the framework of Essity Ventures. This partnership with Fizimed, a French start-up will drive growth of a smart and innovative medical device - Emy by TENA - which helps women+ improve pelvic floor strength to regain control and confidence.

This partnership will be a first in UK under the Essity Ventures platform utilizing Essity’s global expertise and reach to drive growth for entrepreneurs and start-ups within the hygiene and health arena.

For years, Essity has supported those experiencing incontinence through its range of TENA products which help in managing incontinence. Now, Essity and Fizimed will bring the Emy by TENA a Kegel Trainer solution to the UK market to help women+ actively train and improve their pelvic floor health, ultimately helping women to regain control and confidence.

Designed for all body types and ages, Emy by TENA is the first clinically approved, connected medical device that helps women+ to have a stronger pelvic floor, better bladder control, faster postpartum recovery and enhanced intimacy. It makes pelvic floor training easy, private and fun. The Kegel Trainer is carefully designed for women+’s pelvic floor anatomy and its biofeedback technology lets you track the strength training of your pelvic floor by monitoring your contractions in real time and shows your progress through the app.

The insertable Kegel Trainer is a patented, responsibly produced, self-care innovation that fully complies with European quality standards for medical devices. Made with medical-grade silicone, Emy by TENA is 100% waterproof, easily rechargeable and is smartly connected to a fun mobile app. The app helps you stay motivated whilst doing your personalised Kegel exercises at home making this a healthy addition to the daily routine of all users.

“Our partnership with Fizimed is an excellent example of our commitment towards helping women+ manage incontinence.” said Volker Zöller, President Consumer Goods and Head of Essity Ventures. “Innovative products like Emy by TENA can help women with their health and wellbeing concerns. The best part of this partnership is that we are able to use the scale and connections of a market leading brand like TENA to help drive growth of products that complement the overall management and treatment of incontinence and postpartum recovery.”

Emeline Hahn, CEO, Fizimed adds, “We are very proud of the collaboration with Essity, which is committed to women+’s health with the TENA and Libero brands. This partnership strongly contributes to our mission - to help millions of women+ in their daily lives become aware of the power of their bodies. We are confident that the complementary strengths of our companies will make this partnership a success.”

This medically innovative product with manifold benefits has high relevance for women+ postpartum and is also available in Sweden for Libero Club members, a community of parents-to-be and young parents.

For more information about Emy by TENA visit Smart Kegel Trainer & app for incontinence (

For more information on Essity Ventures visit

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