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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for the pilot? How will the startups be selected?

Startups that are considered for collaboration should fall within the following areas:

  • Menstrual Pain and Discomfort

  • Sleep

  • Hormonal Balance

  • Personal Hygiene Subscription/ Auto-replenishment

  • Post-Partum Health

  • Female Puberty

  • Incontinence Prevention

  • Recycling of Absorbent Hygiene Products

Additionally, they should meet the following criteria:

  • Have a solution in market or ready to be brought to market

  • Show strong alignment with priority interest areas

  • Have undergone initial user validation to confirm desirability of their value proposition

  • Possess a well-defined commercialization strategy

  • Address a high-friction user need

These criteria will guide the selection process for potential collaborations.

How many startups can be selected for the pilot?

There is no predetermined limit. The number of pilots depends on the startup’s qualification against the defined criteria.

What happens at the end of the pilot?

Based on the outcomes and results of the pilot, both startup and Essity will discuss and align on options for deeper partnerships.

Will it be during or after the accelerator? 

The timeline for the pilot will be determined based on the nature of the project. The pilot may run during or after the accelerator.

What benefits do the startups not selected for the pilot get?

The pilot is not dependent on participation in FemTech Lab’s accelerator program. 

Fully funded? Is there an amount?

The budget for the pilots will vary depending on the specific pilot, but in the past, Essity has already invested a significant six-figure budget for such initiatives.

Do these startups have to be within women's health?

To be considered for the FemTech Lab Spring 2024 Cohort, startups need to be innovating solutions addressing women's health directly or indirectly in the interest areas specified. If your solution is not within women's health but falls under the specified interest areas, please reach out to us directly at

How will the selection for the pilot be made?

FemTech Lab and internal stakeholders at Essity will screen and evaluate startups to determine if there is a suitable match for a pilot. If given, the startup and Essity will enter the first conversations to discuss the scope, objectives, and expectations of a pilot. If positive, the selected startups and senior Essity representatives conduct a two-day workshop to develop a pilot concept. If the concept is meeting both the start-up’s and Essity’s expectations and desired outcomes, the pilot will be run.

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