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Carlo Viggiani Fondazioni Pdf 110


carlo viggiani fondazioni pdf 110

Category:Italian engineers Category:University of Pisa alumni Category:1939 births Category:Living people[s]laves are justified in complaining when they are not paid for work done."). Thus, when workers are employed on a "piece-rate" basis, a fortiori they will be employed for work which they did not engage in with the expectation that they would be paid accordingly. Moreover, as the testimony in this case was clear that the workers were employed on a piece-rate basis (for instance, one worker testified that he had been paid $4.00 per day for 23 days), this certainly meets the second element of a statutory wage claim. The third element required by the statute is the existence of an agreement between the parties for piece work. With respect to this element, which seems to be the most problematic, the Court concludes that the defendant has failed to prove that the workers were not employed for piece work. Indeed, plaintiff has produced evidence that the workers were each paid a specified hourly rate for each day they worked and that they were also paid for any overtime which they worked. This testimony is corroborated by the fact that the defendant stipulated to the hourly wage paid to the workers, even though that wage was agreed upon in different manners, i.e. by either piece or hour. In the context of piece-rate piece-work, the only logical explanation for the defendant's testimony that the workers were not paid a fixed hourly rate for each day of work is that they were not engaged in work which was piece-rate piece work. In that sense, the workers were simply not paid per hour for the work performed. Thus, the Court must conclude that the defendant has failed to satisfy its burden of proof and, therefore, the Court finds in favor of the plaintiff on this issue. For all the above reasons, the Court finds that the plaintiff has proven a cause of action under the FLSA. Therefore, the Court hereby GRANTS plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment, which is hereby converted into a Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings. The Court hereby awards plaintiff's motion and accordingly will enter judgment against the defendant for unpaid wages in the amount of $23,950.00. IT IS SO ORDERED. Our website includes the main text of the court's opinion but does not include the docket number, case citation or footnotes. Upon purchase, docket numbers and/or citations allow you to research a

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Carlo Viggiani Fondazioni Pdf 110

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