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Who We Seek

At Essity Ventures, we want to join forces with start-ups who share our vision to reshape the future of the health & hygiene ecosystem. We seek partners with innovative solutions that provide better and faster answers to consumer needs in Essity’s key business categories


Our key focus areas are:


Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable innovations to speed up the process towards a circular society and improve people’s well-being, with a specific focus on FemTech and MenoTech solutions.


Go-to-market Strategies

Forward-looking solutions to enhance the shopper experience, with a special eye on female customers, to make Intimate Hygiene products more accessible to women at all life stages.

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Data Driven Insights

Data driven innovations to better understand and respond to customers and consumers’ ever-changing needs with enhanced precision and quality.

Do you have the ideas of tomorrow? Find out more about how we partner!