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Who We Seek

At Essity Ventures, we want to join forces with start-ups who share our vision to reshape the future of the health & hygiene ecosystem. We seek partners with innovative solutions that provide better and faster answers to consumer needs in Essity’s key business categories


Our key focus areas are:

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable innovations to speed up the process towards a circular society and improve people’s well-being, with a specific focus on FemTech and MenoTech solutions.

Go-to-market Strategies

Forward-looking solutions to enhance the shopper experience, with a special eye on female customers, to make Intimate Hygiene products more accessible to women at all life stages.

Data Driven Insights

Data driven innovations to better understand and respond to customers and consumers’ ever-changing needs with enhanced precision and quality.

Do you have the ideas of tomorrow? Find out more about how we partner!


Any questions? Contact us on ventures@essity.com

Please note we only consider applications submitted via our application form


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