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Collaborating with Essity Ventures


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What is the Essity EVolution co-creation challenge?

A 3-day event aiming to boost collaboration and joint value creation between Essity and early stage startups. This event is focused on the intimate hygiene and health & wellbeing industries/spaces.

Why is Essity Ventures running this event?

Essity Ventures is looking to build trusted relationships with the startup ecosystem as a base for co-creating new business models and innovation in collaboration. 

How many challenges have been issued?

5 challenges have been issued and confirmed. They are as follows: 

i.    Washroom of the Future
ii.   Preventing Incontinence
iii.  Finding Hormonal Balance 
iv.  Becoming a Woman
v.   Quest for Sleep

Will all challenges be open to everyone? Or are they specific to regions?

This event is open to all startups with a primary focus on the European market or startups that intend to expand into the European market in the near future. 



Who can apply? Are there restrictions on the type or size of startup that can apply?

We are looking to work with early stage startups (pre-seed / seed) that are already in market with initial traction. 

How are the startups selected for the event? 

Startups are invited to apply to the program via the application link here. Once applications are received, startups will be brought down to a final shortlist. There will be a maximum of two rounds of interviews per startup.

When will I know if our startup has been successfully selected? 

Final decisions will be made and communicated by October 17, 2022. Due to the volume of applications, we are only able to directly contact applicants that successfully enter the first round of selections.

What will startups need to submit to be considered/accepted? 

The complete application form including requirements is here


Program Format

What is the time commitment? 

The program is designed with founders in mind. The 3-day event is designed to be delivered as an in-person program from November 9-11, 2022.  

How will the event be organized?

The 3-day event will be hosted by Essity in a Munich, Germany co-working space. The 3 days are structured as follows: 

Day 1 – Essity Insight Share-Outs 
You will experience a day packed with insight share-out sessions brought to you by various senior leaders from Essity. As experienced subject matter experts, they will share their expertise and experience in domains such as marketing, sales, quality, legal etc. with you. What’s in for you: lots of knowledge and key-takeaways you can reapply to growing your own business and network building with key stakeholders at Essity. 


Day 2 – Co-Creation 
You will work with key stakeholders from Essity and partners on your challenge of choice. The goal is to work on a business model concept that you would love to bring to life with Essity.  


Day 3 – Pitches 
You get the chance to pitch your business model concept to a jury of Essity board members and industry experts. Most promising concepts will be rewarded with a minimum 15,000€ equity-free grant to bring the concept to life via a pilot.


You will be served light breakfast and lunch, as well as snacks and drinks during the event.

Each startup invited to join the event will receive a travel cost budget of 1,000€ from Essity.

What are the next steps after the event? (partnership, collaboration, pilots, grants, prize money, etc.?) 

On the last day of the event, you will get the chance to pitch – together with your team of Essity colleagues – your business concept to a jury of senior Essity stakeholders. The winning pitch teams/squads will each receive equity-free funding of 15,000€ - or more, depending on the nature of the concept pitched - to bring their concept to life in a pilot. The pilot serves the purpose of testing the product-market-fit of your idea in real-life. If the pilot is successful, conversations about a further, deeper business partnership will follow between the startup and Essity.


Collaborating with Essity Ventures

Why would a startup or founder want to join the EVolution event / work with Essity Ventures? 

Joining the EVolution event and working with Essity and its partners offers the following advantages to startups:

  • Gain valuable knowledge and expertise shared by Essity's experienced subject matter experts across various domains that you can reapply to building and scaling your own business

  • Access a platform to showcase your own business idea to Essity's senior management and work with motivated Essity employees and partners on joint use cases around it

  • Access Essity's key decision makers and open the door for further partnerships

  • Extend your network of mentors and business partners through - and beyond - the program

  • Collaboratively work on new innovative solutions that break persisting barriers to health, hygiene and well-being with likeminded visionaries

  • Stand a chance to win an equity-free grant of 15,000€ or more to bring your jointly, co-created business concept/use case to life in a pilot: through this, you can further validate the product-market fit of your value proposition and potentially enter a deeper business partnership with Essity

Does this event take equity? What are the incentives we should consider before applying to this event? 

We will not be taking any equity from the startups we will partner with through the event and/or any pilots directly emerging from it. The program will provide you with a network of mentors, support and guidance. Although we have no specific investment requirements with this program, we are open to potential discussions post-program around transitioning successful pilots to deeper partnerships.

Do applicants relinquish IP when they submit to the challenges? 

No ownable IP will be developed at the EVolution event itself. The purpose of the event is to jointly co-ideate on business concepts that both you, the startup, and Essity would like to bring to life together. If you are one of the selected teams/squads to jointly launch a pilot, a tailored pilot agreement will be put in place that protects both parties’ best interests and rights.



I am a startup already working with Essity Ventures. May I still apply? 

Yes, but please inform the organizing team via email at and disclose this in your application.

I am a brand/organization/person and I want to be involved, who do I talk to? 

We are happy to hear from you. Please contact Omar El Araby at