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Who We Are

Essity Ventures is a strategic initiative of Essity, a global, leading, health and hygiene company with a mission to break barriers to well-being.

 We are focused on inventing the health and hygiene space of tomorrow.


We seek innovative startups and entrepreneurs who share our mission to partner with us and revolutionize the future of health and hygiene, together.


Consumer Tissue 

We are looking for shopper-centric tissue innovations for future smart homes, such as toilet paper, household towels, handkerchiefs, facial tissues, wet wipes and napkins.


Feminine Care

We are on a mission to improve women’s health beyond period care, and specifically in areas of femtech.


Baby Care

We want to make babies safer and happier with next-gen nappies, paddies and diapers.

Incontinence Care

We improve the quality of everyday life for people dealing with incontinence and help manage urinary leakage and bladder weakness; trusted by millions, our brands help them stay secure, dry and odour free with discreet feminine pads, underwear and masculine shields.

As a global leader, we leverage our expertise and resources to help startups build credibility, and accelerate their growth towards commercial success.

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Get to know our flagship brands

Zewa - a brand by Essity
Lotus - a brand by Essity
Colhogar - a brand by Essity
Plenty - a brand by Essity
Cushelle - a brand by Essity
TENA - a brand by Essity
Libero - a brand by Essity
Bodyform - a brand by Essity
Demakup - a brand by Essity
Libresse - a brand by Essity
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